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ℒoкι ; ღ
22 February 2022 @ 02:22 am

I love making new friends!!
comment to be added. I won't add random people who won't introduce themselves first. Please tell me a bit about yourself. My 'user info' has a lot of information, and if we have things in common, we should be friends, yo!
Some entries are public. Most are friends only. Feel free to browse through my public entries to see if I'm someone you'd like to get to know

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ℒoкι ; ღ
27 July 2016 @ 12:15 am
I have nearly 1000 messages, and there is no way I am able to go through all of them on my phone ; and old messages ; I had to delete. I must rely on my phone to use LJ for now. I don't want to abandon my journal, and will try to update when I can ; reply to comments ; keep up with my friends list. I am sort of starting fresh. I deleted all my messages. I will be slow with keeping up with everything and I do apologize. I hope this will not be a problem to anyone. I can't wait until I get my damn charger for my laptop! So, yes. Loki is definitely here.

Just rather slow right now. =^u^=
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26 July 2016 @ 11:28 pm

▪I want to post some positive things & support 💖


🌿 I'm feeling really relaxed the last few days. It's nice to relax and take pleasure in the small things in life. 🤗 I've been chatting with friends ; appreciating beautiful pictures & quotes ☄; watching stuff on the tellie ; reading stuff on Facebook ; playing Pokémon . . 🙈 I've been enjoying my own company & to remain calm . . Heal my mind& wave away what has hurt me recently. 🖕 It's not worth being hurt over something that has happened. It happens. Shit happens.💩 I move on and look for brighter future. I make new friends. I will not dwell on what cannot be changed. 🙉 A middle finger to obstacles that get in my way - because I will recover and be stronger. 🖕 I'll be free! 🙌


🌿 I haven't been doing too well lately as everything has been a bit crap, but I'm finallyfeeling at peace this week. 💕 I see the wonderful people in my life (offline & online), I'm enjoying my work, I have a roof over my head (despite not really happy living in this house ; meh), I live in London & there's so much to do here🌡plus the weather has been wonderful🌞 and I've got some exciting plans to look forward to ! My best friend & I will go on holiday soon ✈ and I think I will overcome myself & go away somewhere in Europe for a few days next month 😲 I get worried travel by myself. . .but I will make this my goal! 🖖 I'm excited ~!


🌿 I have posted some things on another app that I will share here now . . . I love this sort of thing ; inspiration is important; to share & to feel empowered. 🌌


💖 "Nothing is permanent in this world ; not even our troubles."💖
{ Quote by :: Charlie Chaplin }

🌻 My response 🌻

      This is why we need to make the most of our life, and strive to be happy; to be content; to love ourselves & the world ;ヽ(*・ω・)ノ
              Life is too short to be unhappy and full of troubles.
       If we are given problems, we deal with them & we move on.
           Don't ever let obstacles halt you. ♡


💖 "Just remember that you're beautiful." 💖
{ Quote I found from a graphic on Facebook. . }

🌻 My réponse 🌻

    ☆ No matter how unhappy or ugly you feel, ALWAYSremember that you are beautiful & worth something in this world ~~ (´• ω •`)
        There's only one of youin this world.
   Be proud, be happy, be K I N D to yourself & others, love, smile ;
             You're beautiful. (*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡


🌿 It was about time that I have posted something positive. This is because I am feeling a lot more positive now. 💕 I hope that whoever has read this will feel happier and know that you are not alone ; troubles don't last forever 🌟Stay strong and you will come through even stronger. 🐱 xoxo

ℒoкι ; ღ
19 July 2016 @ 01:41 am

Holy shit! I managed to log in!


《BIG NEWS first》
I quit smoking! No cigarettes for over a month! I'm so happy about this!


I'm so sorry that I haven't been around. My life has been a bit of a mess. I've had to ditch people in my life and I discovered that my ex totally lied to me (about having several children and his trouble with the police, ugh, and when I broke up with him, he threatened to kill himself - as if I needed any more problems in my life, wtf) and my laptop needs a new charger, so I haven't been able to use my laptop. I hate having to delete people from my life & discovering that those I thought cared about me are lying cunts. Like, wtf?

(Having to throw away a 7-year friendship, too. It hurts. Fml.)

I've got a new phone contract. My phone is my life.

I'm addicted to Pokémon GO! Several of my friends play it, too. I've been feeling rather depressed with all this crap happening (in the world and in my personal life) so it's nice to have a distraction - and a reason to get my lazy self out of the house. I got my best friend *A* into the game, so we've been hanging out and going on long ass walks to capture Pokémon. I swear this daft game is saving me from depression. . and I'm not complaining. I'd rather be distracted by games on my phone than be miserable & hopeless.

Work is going well. Probably the only thing unharmed in my life right now. Sigh.


I've got LJ app downloaded on my phone. I'm sorry I've been dead on here. I'm on Facebook a lot (http://www.facebook.com/Lokielle) and on Twitter (http://www.twitter.com/ItsBondageLoki) if you want to add/follow me ♡

Team Valor!

I can't wait until my laptop is alive again! I hope that you're all well.


♡ Loki ♡

ℒoкι ; ღ
I am such a loon. xD.

This has an HD option and best viewed in HD.

Don't mind my fugly face.

And daft comments.

Oh, the failz, too.


{My friend told me all about this software that you can use and it's free! So, I did a bit of hunting and found this. It works quite well with the game. My connection is usually shit anyway, but this software doesn't change that. LOL. I'm so happy that I'm able to record my crack gameplay properly. Battlefront is a barrel of lolz. I sound a bit dead in this video {I've been sick since the week-end, so not feeling my usual cray cray self} but I'll surely be posting moooar -cough-outrageous BF vids on YouTube! =D
Also, I just love the thumbnail YouTube decided on this video. Hehehe.}
mood:: giddygiddy
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29 December 2015 @ 03:53 pm
I should probably take this game a bit more seriously. LOL.

. . but at least Luke got taught a lesson. . . and we won this game.

But how did I manage to stay alive with my crack gaming! xD.

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16 December 2015 @ 08:56 pm

No Internet at home 😢

I'm well! At the pub right now. . .

Christmas cards were posted on Monday! I'll be posting gifts when I can soon. I got a lovely Christmas surprise in my bank account from my mum.

Got Star Wars: The Force Awakens tickets for Friday.

I would have gone tomorrow but friends could only make Friday. I'm excited! I'm on a Star Wars marathon. Must finish all the films before Friday!

Been feeling yucky as I'm on my period, so this definitely cheer me up 😊

Anyway, I hope you're all well. I'll try to catch up when I can ♡

PS: Going to Reykjavik in April for my birthday. Tickets will be booked in about 3 weeks. I'll be there from 5th to the 10th. My birthday is on the 6th and we're going to Café Loki on this day 😆