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14 December 2015 @ 12:45 am
- Age: 24.

- Bed size: Single.

- Chinese Food Dish: I love sichuan-style dishes. Anything with seafood and sweet & sour.

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13 December 2015 @ 10:46 pm
What question do you most dislike being asked? Why does it annoy you so much? On the flip side, what question do you most enjoy being asked and why?
What question do you most dislike being asked?

"Where are you from?"

Why does it annoy you so much?

Gods. That question just irks me. I get asked it all the time. I guess I've just overheard it, so it's very tedious to answer. It's like, I have to go into my life story and have others pry into my life just to answer some question that really doesn't need all that detail.

I was born in Russia. I am adopted. My father is Irish. My mother is British. Where I'm from is where I feel that I'm from. So, I say "Irish". That is my nationality I identify with. When I was adopted, the first passport I got was an Irish passport. I use a British passport these days, but I feel more Irish than British. Deep in my heart, there is my Russian, my blood is Russian, but since being adopted, that is my past, and not what I identify as. This might change in time; who knows?

Another reason I find this question so tedious? I get sick of people contradicting my answer, and being all, "Well, you're born in Russia, so you're Russian" or "You don't even sound Irish. . .or British. . .or Russian" when I try to explain. . .simply because I have a very mixed, unidentifiable accent. Um. NO. Do not be asking me something just to defy my answer. Daft people. This is what I feel, not what you feel. Why ask a personal question if you're not going to respect the answer?

In the end, I end up brushing it off because I've been there, done that with all the discussion. I am from where I identify that I am from.

Well, all ranting aside: I am from Asgard, bitches! ~_^

On the flip side, what question do you most enjoy being asked and why?

Oh, anything to do with my lovely God of Mischief. Must I really answer why? I could talk endlessly talk about Loki? I'll never get bored! Also, I love questions to do with travel. I could talk hours about that topic, too. I have travelled a lot, I plan to travel a lot, and it's one of my passions, so, of course, I love talking about it. =^u^=

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09 December 2015 @ 06:10 pm

I'm at my local pub right now having just eaten the hottest curry! 🍜 I had a drunken night out last night that involved a strip club 😆 I'll catch up with Daily December and update later on. 😊 Need to write out a gazillion Christmas cards, too 🎄 Peace! ✌
-Loki ♡

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I. . . am just letting this sink in. . .

Credit: this tumblr link;
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02 December 2015 @ 05:44 pm

I've got a post {with my photos for Daily December photo meme} to post when I can,  but I think the Internet on my phone is down or something because it's agonisingly slow/non-existent. 😩 I'm at Starbucks with my friends right now, using the Wi-Fi, so I can make this quick update on my phone. 😊 Fingers crossed the Internet returns because I want to internet on my laptop, post, comment and read my f-list! Wah! 😡 -Loki

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01 December 2015 @ 05:10 pm
My mouse is being incredibly annoying. When I highlight something, it doesn't highlight.

Daily December Photo Meme :: Day 1 ::

xxgross :: what does your room look like?

I couldn't get any picture I liked of my room last night.
So, I'll share some random things around my room.
As for how it looks like? Geeky and random.

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wicked_jester :: an amusing or dramatic screencap you have saved.

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Thank you to all who gave me prompts. My December is all filled up now! =^u^=
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